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Easter... and more

I've been terrible about LJing... again. I'm not even sure where I was last time. No matter, I suppose.

- J+N are still occupying my damned living room. At least, not currently. But this little break will surely soon end, and they'll be back. I keep hoping that the end is nigh. That the talk of apartments closer to Pittsburgh will become taking an apartment closer to Pittsburgh. However, I'm not sure how well that's going to work, since J+N seem to be going out to drink an awful lot, and driving back and forth to Pittsburgh surely isn't helping them save money.
- B is still with us, though not currently. He's off to Uniontown with his family for Easter. He is not happy. His family loves him very much, but the ways in which they appear to show it are often very irritating for B. If my mother were up my butt about every little thing, I'd be unhappy spending time with her also, I imagine. Because as many times per diem she seems to call him to get on his nerves, I can only imagine how crazy she must drive him when he's in the same house. What she may not realise is that some of the problems that he has, she and his dad may actually contribute to more than alleviate. Meaning well isn't always enough.
- For two whole weeks, I worked 11 hour nights, giving me a total of 30 hours overtime on this paycheck. Easter weekend has been a weekend of indulgence and firsts and general unusual experience.

Some more detailed stuff:
Friday night, I went out to Pittsburgh to stop by a housewarming party, and then meet up with R+D for R's birthday, and we hopped from bar to bar to bar until closing time along with G, my "pseudo-ex". At closing time, G wanted to go to after-hours, R+D were ready to head back to their place. G's and my cars were back at the downtown parking garage, which was only about six blocks from where we were, and R+D were the way to get back there quickly and easily. G pointed out it wasn't a long walk, and I really sort of did want to go to after-hours anyway. It also is better not to walk alone, probably, so it was partially so that I knew he would be safe as well.

After-hours was where things got more interesting. While I'd felt a lot of eyeballing going on at the second bar (it being one that's known as a "cruising spot"), nobody had done anything more than look -- which was fine, mind you -- even if I were single, that bar doesn't see many people I'd care to go home with -- it was at after-hours which I suddenly found myself feeling like a hot commodity at the meat market. I was approached in some fashion by no less than a half dozen different guys, four of whom made out with me, two of whom were trying very hard to get me to go home with them, and one who recognised me from the earlier housewarming party, but that was about the only thing he could manage to say to me, each of the ten or so times he approached me. So yeah, I felt like a piece of meat.

It was FANTASTIC. I don't think I'd want my every trip to a bar to be that way, but there's just something about feeling desired that I'm just not used to. (Also, why the hell did this never happen to me while I was single?! Do I exude some sort of "YOU CAN'T HAVE ME" pheromone when I'm out stag that somehow makes everyone want me, or something?) Whatever the case may be, it was fun... and I ended up having a "boyfriend" for the night, which was just G, basically being that line in the sand for me, that line people will still toe, but not necessarily cross.

BF played the jealous card when I brought it all up -- the problem with that really is that I have no fucking idea whether he's serious or not when he does it. Sometimes he's obviously just bullshitting. Most of the time, it's much harder to say. He really should know, after three years, that I'm obviously coming home. And if he wants to "joke" that I'm lining up his replacements, whatever, but he should make it crystal clear that he knows better. Otherwise, it sort of gets on my nerves.

Yesterday morning, I finally succeeded, after days of epic failure, in getting an eye exam for contact lenses, which wouldn't require me to wait several days to go back and do a "class" on putting them in and taking them out, a "class" which is only held at the worst possible time in my day -- 3pm. I said, "Um, I work overnight -- that's like 3 in the morning for me." She said, "Well that's the only time we can do it." I made an appointment, so that at least I'd have that if it were absolutely necessary... but I ended up not making it, because I found a walk-in elsewhere, where everything could be done straight away.

So, now I have contacts. I'm still getting accustomed to them, but having clear peripheral vision is, well, nothing I've ever experienced, I guess you could say. I have bad eyesight, and I've only ever had glasses, which don't give you the same visual freedom. But what was the thing I was the most excited about in all this?

Being able to walk over to a rack of regular ol' sunglasses and have my pick.

I have to go back for a follow-up appointment next Saturday, and then after that I'll actually buy contacts beyond the initial pair. Once I've made sure that any blurriness I've had to start with is just initial, and the prescription is fine and all that. The initial blur is slowly fading, though, so I think we're going to be all good.

Now I just have to break myself of the habit of sliding my glasses back up my nose. It just looks silly to do when I'm not wearing glasses.

Last night, I went to Pittsburgh again, this time to R+D's place for the house party portion of R's birthday. It wasn't anything wild; just a bunch of people hanging out. One of the guys I noticed right away seemed to be also noticing me. If we didn't both have boyfriends, I'd probably ask him out. It was a good time, though.

Today: Easter. MOL is baking a ham, even though we have no freaking idea what we're actually doing, because SOL has mentioned doing a breakfast buffet several times this week, but so far today, has said nothing. I'd like to know because I'm tired -- the lack of sleep I've gotten over the last few days has caught up to me, and I'd be fine with the breakfast buffet idea, just so that I could go to sleep!

Tonight: I think I may go down to Morgantown for karaoke night at the bar down there, just for something to do. Otherwise I'll just be alone tonight, and although that's often fine with me, I don't think it is right now. We'll see.

Oh, and on the topic of J: He is apparently on probation for child support in arrears. He's managed to go to the bar a lot, borrowed money from a lot of people who probably won't end up seeing it back, since I can't even get reimbursed for a singular pack of cigarettes. (And he thought I was going to do it again. Sorry about your luck. Fool me once, shame on you. Also, game over, because we're not getting to "fool me twice".) He even stooped so low as to ask neighbour K for money one night. K has just gotten to go back to work after being off for months with a leg injury. What the fuck do you think you're doing?

What I'm getting at is that I'm not sure J will be able to make his child support payment for March, and sad as it is to say, a large part of me kinda hopes that he can't, because that means a bench warrant for his arrest and up to six months incarceration, which would at least be a guaranteed return of our living room... although, some part of me also wonders whether this is why he hasn't been home much at all this weekend -- because they can't haul him in if they can't find him? I don't know, but this J thing has gotten way off-track from where it was supposedly going when it started.

I know he hasn't, at least, last I knew, paid rent to MOL, and he promised that by the end of the month. He also promised BF that he wouldn't leave N here when he wasn't here and we weren't awake, but he's broken that promise repeatedly. These ought to be reasons to toss them both out, but somehow BF and MOL have both said things to me that suggested I should evict them from the house.

Now hold on. If you two are making agreements that are not being kept, whose responsibility is it to enforce them? Not mine. Nut up and follow through. I never even did anything but agree to J staying here when it was brought up that he shouldn't be allowed to be homeless. Not sure why it should be me that has to play bad cop. Though if I get pushed the right way, I may be anyway.

Now, dear SOL, please get it together and tell us what you want to do so we can maybe go to sleep sometime reasonable!

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