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Holy birthday, Batman...

G came down from Cleveland. BF, G, J and I had dinner here, and then we went to There Ultra Lounge in Pittsburgh. It was karaoke night. The karaoke jockey was a fella I was kinda dating around the time I ended up dating BF instead. Haven't really seen him in the almost three years since then. He sort of never responded to my attempts to get together with him so that I could break it off properly, and then ultimately, I felt as though he hated me. And although I didn't regret the choice I'd made, I felt like there was something left unfinished there. I got that reconciliation, at least.

I suggested that we should get together for some sort of food at some point, since I don't have enough foodies in my life these days, and if there's anything about him that was nice, he wasn't afraid of food. While he agreed to the idea, I'll have to wait and see whether anything further comes of it. F's a great guy, and I always wanted to be able to maintain a friendship with him. So I kinda hope that can happen.

And I think J is starting to realise that he should probably stay single for a while, which is possibly going to cause a little tension with him and L, but L is an adult who, I think, can handle it. L wasn't necessarily trying to rush anything to begin with, unlike M. I think it'll be okay. J spent five years locked up in a relationship with Mr. X, and has only been out of it for a month or so.

Today, aside from being taken out to eat by BF, I'm not sure what else there may be to happen. Flying by the seat of my pants, I suppose. I'll leave you with an image of Molly & Pipsqueak from yesterday.
"Come on! Let's be cute! Maybe if we're cute enough, Dad will give us his trashcan cookie!"

Answering some questions:

I only have five, but some of those are tough to virtually impossible to answer! And one borders on lewd. LOL But I'll do what I can!

nick_101 asks: What is your favorite food?

I don't know. If I had to eat any one thing for the rest of my life, I eventually would prefer to die. The problem here is that I like food. In endless combinations and varieties. I think, on some level, to be able to choose a favourite food almost requires some sort of discrimination with food. But I'm pretty indiscriminate when it comes to food. I could much more easily give you a list of foods I don't like. Like celery. Or pomegranates. Grapefruit.

sorceress asks: What's your clothing style like? Do you like polo shirts?

I'm not especially fashionable. I just like my stuff to match. I don't generally wear anything too fancy, and the style of things I wear might change a little from time to time, but is largely casual. The last couple days it's been T-shirts over a striped long-sleeve thermal, with jeans. Or it'll be T-shirts or A-shirts under a short sleeve button-up buttoned half-way or so. I had a polo shirt phase a while back, but lately I'm not so much interested in the polos. But they'll be back eventually. They usually are. I sometimes opt to wear a hat. Or not. It just depends on whether I'm feeling a hat. I have several. Mostly ball caps or cadet hats, but also a few Fedoras for when that mood strikes.

Colourwise, I'm not a black and white kind of guy, as evidenced by my previous post re: clothing. My wardrobe is very colourful.

purplefreak asks: Have you ever had a threesome?

Oh, Pee Elf. You would.

Cut for discussion of sexual behaviour, not that I intend to be lewd.Collapse )

blue_eye asks: Give me an unusual fact about you.

The above, if you put yourself through that, might count. Otherwise, I suppose this may: I got kicked out of Kindergarten.

Let me clarify, of course, because saying it that way isn't exactly untrue, although it's not how it might sound. About a month into Kindergarten, my teacher contacted my mother with the concern that I may be "too smart" to be there, and thought I might be bored with finger painting and such activities, so she suggested that I go for testing. I have vague memories that I associate with this process, so I believe I was taken to the junior high school office building for these tests they wanted to give me, although I could be wrong about the location. Ultimately, my mother was suggested to put me in the third grade, but she felt like that would be a little too much for me, and agreed to put me in the first grade instead. I tended to get mostly A's throughout school, so perhaps I could've done fine with second or even third grade, but I think that I may have been stunted socially, were I to be a fifteen-year-old high school graduate, so in all, I would have to say that my mother's choice was the wisest for her to have made.

cactus_rs asks: You're stranded on a desert island. Assume no way to get off. You can pick 10 other people to be stranded with you. Who do you pick, and why?

One thing that sort of bothers me about this sort of question -- aside from the fact that it's hard -- is that I have to question myself, "Why would I choose to subject anyone else to this situation?" But if I were going to be stranded with ten other people, and it was going to happen and I could choose who those people were, I guess the next hardest step would be to figure out ten people I knew I could stand for the rest of my life -- or theirs.

So let's see:
BF - I'd have to. He might end up driving me nuts sometimes, but I love him -- which is as much the reason I shouldn't subject him to this. But chances are, if I were going to be stranded on a desert island, he'd be with me on whatever venture led to the occurrence anyway. And he seems to be at least prepared for a situation where we have to survive, so that would be handy.

KJ - She's spry, she's great for comic relief, and never once have I wanted to hurt her or wished she would go away. She has a good head on her shoulders, and thinks outside of the box.

Stephan - He's the musician I've mentioned in a few previous posts. He'd probably need to be held together to some degree, but we all may at some point. His vegan lifestyle would be useful in finding things to eat that don't necessarily involve killing things, because though BF and KJ might be able to kill food, I don't think that I could. So I'd need someone smart on the non-animal edibles. Plus, he'd probably sing at random. Not that the others wouldn't, but BF can't carry a tune in a bucket, and KJ, though she can, is probably less prone to just breaking out in song.

L - He's not an idiot, and he doesn't annoy me. (These are probably the biggest criteria there are, all in all.)

J - See L.

T - See L. Plus, more comic relief, and a survivalist instinct that would be useful and welcome. The man's been technically and legally "homeless" for years, but still is managing to finish his higher education, and making a life for himself. You kinda have to admire that.

... I'm at six, and I'm stuck. I'll have to get back to you on that, if I can get any further.

ETA: Yikes. One missed HTML-slash, and that sucked... sorry.


For shiggles, as I put away the clean laundry this morning, I decided to sort the shirts (both mine and BF's) by colour. I have the whole rainbow, with a slight weight toward blues and purples, and I'm light on oranges and yellows. BF has one red shirt, one that really classifies as orange-coordinating, nothing yellow, a few greens and purples, but seems to be mostly blue-heavy or grey/black.

Not that it means much; I just found it a little interesting.


All I wanna do is sleep... ?

I went to SOL's yesterday to look at the laptop, despite her telling me, "I doubt there's much you can do. It'll probably have to go somewhere." I was hungry, so first, I stopped at Sheetz and got something to eat, otherwise I knew I'd wind up cranky, because I do that when I'm hungry. And yay for them having popcorn chicken and fried pickle chips now! Fatty in heaven!

SOL PC stuffCollapse )

So anyway, three hours up at SOL's, and I could finally head home. I'd received a few texts from BF asking me where I was, as though he weren't right there when MOL was up and asking if I couldn't maybe run up to SOL's and take a look at the laptop. I even sent him a picture of the laptop on the start screen, with the message, "It's aliiiiiive!" So, I'd say everyone was happy. And I generally enjoy visiting with SOL, so it wasn't a terrible thing for me either. (SOL was quite interested in the cherry chicken I made the other night, so we'll have to see if she gives that a shot, and if the kids will eat it. I got my picky bunch to eat it, so maybe she will too.)

When I got home, BF and J were mostly up and around, and L was over. After sorting out whether BF or I could afford to go, and whether J + L could work something out, and deciding that we could manage, we all went to the Chinese buffet in the dead mall. Those who are picky found things they will eat, and I think L actually ate less discriminately. KJ would've gone if it hadn't been for her having to work -- but I now know when she's off, and so another trip this week may be in order. I found the coconut chicken I really like, and then saw the little placard that stated "Dinner Customers Only". *sad trombone* To be honest, I would've just taken it anyway, and let them charge for dinner, but we were scrimping a little bit, since BF didn't get paid 'til today, and I don't until Thursday.

The others wanted to go to the (other) mall afterward, and I was struck by a "Classic BF" on the way out of the restaurant, so BF rode with J+L and I drove home as fast as I could manage to perform the 'Classic BF'Collapse ). As I finished with that, I got a text from a guy I know asking me if I could run him about 15 miles down the highway, so I said alright. Then he asked me to stop at Walmart real quick so he could cash his paycheck, and when he did, he handed me $20. (I ran him out there once a few days ago, and ended up picking him up and bringing him back as well, but considering that he decided to walk the trek a while back and ended up getting clipped in the arm by a car, it's probably just as well for him not to walk that.)

When I got back from that little trip, no one was home yet, and I ended up deciding to lie down for a little nap. It was around 5:30 pm. BF attempted to wake me around 12:45, to no avail, so I could go with him and J grocery shopping. Next thing I knew, it was 6:45, and they'd been grocery shopping and back, and they're both sprawled out on the couches, asleep. And all I can wonder is, how the hell did I sleep for over twelve hours?! Granted, I'm still feeling residual effects from the flu bug, but really?? Thirteen hours?!

Ah, well. G is to be coming down from Cleveland sometime tonight, and although I don't know we have any specific plans, we could possibly trek up to Pittsburgh for a few drinks or something. Not sure whether G's really even been to Pittsburgh before, so it could make things extra interesting. I have some things that could stand to be done prior to his arrival, so those I will do. But there is nothing that will eat up that much time, so I'm not sure what else I'll do today... but I do know that there'd better be nothing remotely resembling a nap. I feel like I've just had so much sleep that I should never want to sleep again.

And an image from yesterday:
SOL's boxer, Hoochie. This is what I had to put up with all morning yesterday. As far as she was concerned, I was there to see her. I'm always there to see her. She's the only reason I come.
Dear iTunes:

Why have I just had to repeatedly enter my password (correctly!) to get you to do anything? This last update has been a total nuisance, if it's been anything! Jeesh.


Just a couple paragraphs of mundane babble.Collapse )

Aside from that, I'll leave you with an image from my little drive yesterday:
The Road
Because there can only be one road.

Sleep patterns, what?

I really am going all over the place with my sleep. Or at least, I'm turning my normal sleep pattern on its ear this week. I think it was around 5:30 am that I woke up yesterday? I lay down for a nap around 10:15 am yesterday and napped for about an hour before I had to get up and run J to work. (L had snatched him up at work, and they did all the things that they did, and just never returned for J's car.) After dropping J at work, I took the scenic route back into town, because it was almost 75°F (24°C) and it was a nice day to cruise with the windows down. (According to what I can tell, it's 39°F (4°C) now and only supposed to go up to 43°F (6°C). Thank you, January, for a bizarre day or two in the weather.) I also decided to grab a quick bite at the Taco Bell because I never get to go there -- not that I would on a regular basis anyway, but for some reason it sounded good.

The girl at the drive thru was pretty funny and upbeat, which is incredibly unusual, so for once in a long while I can say I've been through a drive thru without wanting to bash my head off the steering wheel. There was a survey link on the receipt so I sent a compliment on through that. And then, since I honestly was lost for ideas of anything I really felt like doing, I just came home.

I lazed around on the couch and just sort of futzed around on the internet and watched whatever was on the TV, since I had no idea where the remotes had been left and I didn't really feel bothered to search for them. I took BF to work for 6:30 pm, and I came back home and set about getting the dogs outside and back inside and the dogs and cats all fed. In the midst of this, J came home with L in tow, and then we sat around for a while and watched TV and BS'ed.

Around 8, I decided to come upstairs and lie down for a while, thinking I'd just get back up around 10:30 and "re-normalise" myself. I barely remember the alarms going off, and next I knew, it was 5:30 am. Now it's time to go collect BF, though I now don't know when he'll be off work next, because he apparently switched with someone at work so he could be off Wednesday night -- you know, since he didn't get either the weekend before or after (of which he should have got one) off -- so that he can at least be around for my actual birthday. Not that we have specific plans, other than that G says he's coming from Cleveland Tuesday night.

Well, let's see what today is like. I ran downstairs in search of super glue or tape, and found that L and J both are gone, and I've no idea where they would've gone... unless they simply decided to go spend the night at L's, since J doesn't have to work today.

I've seen this done, and it seems a good idea, so why not? If there's anyone reading this -- whether you're new here or have known me for years -- feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and I will take some time to answer them.

LOL, get to know something other than the saga of M.

Staycation, sickness and sleep cycles

Being sick on staycation sucks, though thankfully I've not been as dastardly disgusting as BF got to, possibly because we hit it hard when I did start to exhibit signs, so the first day was the worst day. For most of the weekend, I've been mostly what feels like dealing with residual symptoms. And I have had a little of the GI piece, it seems like, although I still haven't quite given anybody ketchup bottle realness.

But it seems that the biggest issue is that the combination of body-fighting-off-gunk and not having to go to work is that I sleep -- whenever. And for weird durations that normally wouldn't do anything for me. The first day, I came home worn out and passed out in bed... for two hours. And then I was up and ready to go. Until late afternoon, and then I slept two more. The night before last, I slept around 5am, was awakened around 9, and was annoyed, and I slept for around two hours later on.
Fairly monotonous rambling ahead!Collapse )
Anyway, I passed out last night around midnight, and woke up again about 5:00am. I didn't even know that I was tired, but apparently I was, and quite more than a little. Now, I have to wonder whether I'm up for the day, or if I'm just on another brief respite from sleep. o_0

I have to collect BF from work in about 45 minutes, and then I think he wants breakfast, so since he said cinnamon rolls, I hope that means that there are some here to be done up, since I don't think I really feel like going to the store anymore. :)

*KDKA -- one of the local news stations in Pittsburgh. Some may look at that and say, "What? Shouldn't that be W-something? You're on the WXXX side of the Mississippi." And the answer has to do with it being a remnant from before the KXXX/WXXX system came to be. There are still two -- I think -- TV stations this side of the Mississippi that hold KXXX call signs, and I think the other one is also in PA -- Philly, to be specific. They will remain KXXX signs until they give them up, after which, they'll be stuck with WXXX's. There are also a few WXXX stations on the west side of the Mississippi, much in the same fashion.

Oh, M. You are the weakest link.


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