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Hopefully not another sleepless day...

It's getting close to time for me to go to bed -- for me to say that at 9am says a lot, really.

I stayed up a bit later yesterday than I ought have, and I had no luck falling asleep after going to bed. I lay there for a good hour, as BF kept snuggling closer to me. I kept trying to move away, because I was already warm, and he felt about 300°. He just kept coming closer and closer, until I was basically on a sliver of the edge of my side of the bed, with the big dog spread out between my feet, snoring like a chainsaw, and entirely immovable*. And a cat who wouldn't get the idea that now was not the time to be kneading at my feet.

Since J wasn't home, I thought I'd try crashing on the couch. I lay on the couch for another two hours or so, with no luck, until J came waltzing in. (I'd hoped maybe he'd had plans to stay away all day.) So, it was back up to bed for me. I managed to more or less avoid the advances of the over-warm BF by way of the strategic placement of a pillow between him and me, and I could still barely get the doped-up dog to move enough for me to get my feet into bed. It must've been nearly 5pm before I managed to fall asleep... and I had to get up at 9. And I pushed that snooze button until almost 9:30... which is a little much to be pushing it, when I have to be to work at 10. But I made it to work at 10:02, so no real big deal.

But the night was rough. It should, theoretically, have been easier than what it was, but for some reason, nothing is ever as simple as it should be. I won't make you suffer the bitching, though. I'm just gonna wrap it up and head to bed... but for me, tonight, TGI"F".

* - The doped-up dog: Molly has had several seizures in the past couple weeks or so. One while BF was in the hospital, and what I thought might have been another one that didn't end up actually happening, and then three or four late last week over the span of a night, after which BF took her to the vet. She's been put on phenobarbital, which leaves her very stoned, at least until her system regulates.

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