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Days off laze-off?

Monday night sucked at work -- it was my "Friday", therefore, that's normal. My nights tend to be worst on my "Mondays" (Thursdays) and my "Fridays" (Mondays). But since I took this weekend off -- BF and I are to go to Columbus Friday evening for a birthday gathering for one of our friends, who has been here twice for BF's parties -- tonight will sort of be a "Monday" and a "Friday", and I'm a little worried, because sometimes that seems to leave me cosmically gifted with the shittiest nights ever, when it happens. I guess we'll see. For now, I'm just slightly out-of-sorts, and drinking wine. (Possibly not the best combination, but ... I was a little thirsty, and for that I blame B.)

Got home from work Tuesday morning, and since BF had worked a long shift, he basically decided that, after we watched the new RuPaul's Drag Race, he was going to take a bath and go to bed. B was basically up, though, and I wasn't ready to sleep yet. J was still passed out on the sofa bed with New-N, or they were just coming around or whatever. B and I ended up mostly hanging out in the kitchen. J and New-N, and eventually they finally decided to drag their asses off the sofa bed and leave the house. J said he'd be back that night, and jokingly (or maybe not really?) I said, "Sure, okay. See you next Tuesday." He swore he really did plan to come home that night. (He didn't.)

Much of the rest of Tuesday, I traded off between the kitchen with B and the couch. Didn't do a whole hell of a lot, but I wasn't sleepy either, for some reason. Mostly, B was gaming or watching some Downton Abbey, whilst I mostly just talked to him a bit here and there and had "The Conversation of Extreme Epicness" with JB over Facebook -- so dubbed, because it was a pretty good rollercoaster of steady conversation, largely in real-time, with a few short breaks, that switched between my phone and my laptop, over the course of nineteen hours. Don't let anyone ever say I'm not there for people when they need to talk. I didn't even begin to feel sluggish until early Wednesday morning, when it was no longer practical to take a nap. I had to tell JB to go to bed, he'd obviously been up much longer than he ought probably have been -- to which he agreed -- and I told him we weren't going to talk about how long I'd been awake by that point. B and I had to go and collect BF from work and then to meet KJ and her new boyfriend (and an incidentally invited M) for breakfast, so we could actually meet KJ's new guy. That was fun, but we soon had to rush off, so that I could deliver B to Pittsburgh for his weekly appointment.

B fell asleep in the car on the ride up; I got him there, with traffic and all, just barely on time. While he was in his appointment, I decided to cruise up the road a couple miles and check out Trader Joe's, because I'd, until yesterday, never set foot in one. It was a little different than I'd expected, but it was an interesting place, and the prices were more reasonable than I might've expected. I ended up buying a few somewhat-unusual snacky type things (that you don't see a whole lot of places, anyway) like dried coconut strips, roasted coconut chips, candied ginger and some dried pea crisps, as well as some lip balm, because I needed some.

Picked B up from his appointment, and he slept most of the drive back. BF needed to go to work at 6:30, so I didn't want to go up to bed and risk falling so asleep I couldn't wake up to take him, so since J hadn't come back at any point, I crashed out on the couch for a few hours. I woke up, to being awakened by BF at 6:15 to drag my arse off the couch and take him to work, and found that J and New-N were back, on the pullout sofa. We delivered BF to work, came back to feed the animals, I had a brief conversation with JB while B played online a little. And then I got cleaned up to leave the house, because by 6pm, J and New-N were already taking up the living room with the sofa bed, and B and I really didn't want to be here feeling like we couldn't even use the couch.

We went to the store, stopped at the Taco Bell drive-thru, had a look around at a nearby adult store, and then took a slightly long drive home, where we ended up just lying down in bed and falling asleep. I woke up at 6:50, and had to hurry to go get BF from work, and that's where we are now. J and New-N are still not off that sofa bed. I stole my laptop away to the kitchen, where I'm alone while BF sits in the bathtub and B continues to sleep.

I've come to a point where I miss my living room. (BF agrees.) There's the "empty room" upstairs that J was all gung-ho about clearing out so that he could use it as his bedroom... but he's taken no initiative to that end in six weeks. (Seven?) He's also become lax about the whole keeping up the house thing that was so important to him in the beginning. He's had plenty of time to rotate through boys, though. Perhaps he needs to re-evaluate his priorities. Just a little. Granted, we've made some friends out of his whoredom. Old-N (hereafter "Baby Bear") is one. He probably would've come and hung out last night, but since it'd potentially be awkward with J being here, and he was definitely here last night... we opted against it. Eventually, I guess.

My general mood is better than it was last week, but it's still lower than I'd like for it to be. There are still changes that could stand to happen. But since this is long now, I'll shut up. :)

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