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Drama! No, not really...

J and N have been sitting (well, lying) here watching the Oscars, and I've sort of also been paying attention. While they drooled over Channing Tatum, I thought to myself, "Screw him, I'd do Seth McFarlane!"

Anyway... J decided to meander into the kitchen to make pizza rolls for himself and N. (Kind of a surprise, actually, since he has sort of sent N into the kitchen to do his bidding for most of the day, like a lazy sack.) Shortly, he came back, a little huffy when he said, "We gotta fold the bed up." So of course, I simply texted BF (who's spent the whole time since he got up gaming with B in the kitchen) and asked "What happened?" No response.

But when I stepped out into the kitchen to feed the furkids, he chuckled at me, and then said something to the effect of, "You didn't hear?... I's a bitch. I told him to put the bed away." I mean, really, I don't mind him being around here. But get off your fucking ass... you're sleeping in our living room. You have the ability to have a bedroom if you work for it, which you said you wanted to do, and that's fine -- DO IT. Especially if you wanna lounge around in bed all damn day when you don't have something else to do. Otherwise, when you wake up, put the fucking bed away and return the place to a goddamned living room.

If you don't wanna do the work to have the space, then you need to respect the space you're using, and the other people who use it for its primary purpose. Otherwise, seriously, GTFO, dude. Ugh. I hate feeling like Bitchy McCuntface, but fuckin' A.


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Feb. 25th, 2013 07:11 am (UTC)
The invocation of St. Mary J. Blige Against Drama!


I have found this talisman very effective. =P
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