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I'm so tired...

B has been gone all weekend, like since Thursday. J+N spent most of the weekend not here, thank dog, but of course, it's hardly mattered since I've worked all weekend, and they'll likely be here the whole time I'm off work for my two days. Supposedly J has gotten a job in Pittsburgh, and therefore will be moving out in the near future. Honestly, at this point, I miss my living room so much, the near future probably isn't near enough. I was never of the impression this was going to go on this long; or at least, I thought that room upstairs was meant to be converted into a usable bedroom for him if he were going to be around so long.

Friday morning, one of my managers, visibly stressed out of her wits, asked me if I could come in an hour early Friday night. I said, "Considering the shape of this back room, how about instead, I come in as early as I can drag my ass out of bed?" And so I ended up going in 8-7. The progress was very noticeable by Saturday morning, and the trucks for Saturday night were looking to be a manageable size, so in the interest of making more headway (especially with inventory looming), I went in Saturday night 7-7. And nearly halved the leftovers from the previous night. Last night, I went in 7-7 again, largely because I expected to make no headway with the three large trucks we were due, but hoping to at least maintain. I came to find that they'd gotten rid of a bunch of stuff during the day, so it all sort of worked out.

Tonight, I plan to go in 7-7 yet again, though, (as is one of my coworkers) as we have small trucks again tonight, which means that we can pulverise whatever leftover stuff there was from last night, after blowing out the new stuff that comes in on our small trucks, and then perhaps create storage space in the back room bins, or help whittle down some of the mess in the other areas of the store -- whatever the M.O.D. sees fit, I guess. By 7am tomorrow morning -- just Tuesday -- I should be at 39 hours for the week. After one hour into my shift on Thursday night, everything is OT. And at over $20/hr, I'll be glad to have it. Depending how things are looking, if I keep doing 7-7, I should end up with 15 hours OT. They'd let me go in on my days off if I wanted to, but I don't think I'll feel quite up to that. But I may carry on working 7-7 until inventory, which is... next Tuesday, I think? Which still means I can probably get another 9 hours OT next week, too.

My body has obviously just gotten used to working the 10-7s, because making them 7-7s, now I'm "feeling the burn". I'm aching well before the nights are over. I'm probably not going in on my days off because I'm going to need the rest. haha

Well, time to sleep and go back to my work(out). TGI"F"!

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